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You've bought a vehicle and feel excited about it all. Did you know how essential maintenance is, though? The key to making your vehicle run for years is care. Keep your vehicle in the best shape by maintaining a regular service schedule. The best part is our dealership in Fredonia, NY, helps you do this. We allow you to avoid the tow truck so you can enjoy that purchase longer.

Why Service With A Dealership Matters

When you have a vehicle that follows a service schedule, it's fuel-efficient and last longer. Your dealership service department understands that service schedule and what it needs. When you follow that schedule with the dealership, you get factory-recommended parts for repairs. That ensures that your vehicle lasts.

  • Common Services
  • Oil Changes
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tire Rotations
  • Battery Repair or Replacement
  • A/C Repair
  • Engine Diagnostic and Repair

Auto Parts for sale in Fredonia, NY

Our dealership near Sherman always uses the manufacturer's parts to ensure that your vehicle is well-maintained. Your vehicle relies on these parts to continue to work well. When you see a light that indicates that something is wrong, call our dealership service department to get the parts replaced that are failing. You paid a lot for the vehicle you own. Make sure it stays in good shape by using only manufacturer parts. Our Ford dealership service center can handle all that for you.

Part Specials

As a customer, you get access to sales and specials to save on maintenance. Get the deals to keep your vehicle running, and the day you bought it. Make sure you follow a regular service schedule and use the specials offered regularly. It's so simple. With most vehicles today, you get an alert that tells you when to do each service check.

What Ford Services Do We Provide at Fredonia Ford Inc?

Does your Explorer, EcoSport, Edge, F-150 or Bronco Sport need an oil change? Have you discovered that your brakes are becoming too worn? Has your car been acting strange? Whatever the reason for your service visit, we're ready to give you the highest level of care possible. When you visit us in Fredonia NY, you can get the high quality of care that you deserve so you can enjoy your drive for as long as possible.

Oil Changes

Most service schedules have a list of things to check. Oil changes are one of those things. Your oil keeps your vehicle running well. Without it, your engine can seize, and you'll need a new engine. Be smart, and have it checked according to vehicle recommendations.

Values of Oil Changes

Tire Services

Your tire pressure allows you to maintain safety on the road. Uneven wearing can cause damage to that safety. Always check your tire pressure and bring your vehicle to us to ensure the tread is wearing well. We are happy to inspect your tires at our service center near Westfield, NY.

Tire Offers

Brake Service

Brakes wear with time naturally. You'll need to have them inspected regularly to ensure that the brake pads and rotors aren't in danger. If you hear squeaks or feel a soft brake, it's too late. Let our dealership service department near Dunkirk, NY, help.

Brake Offers

Battery Services

If you've ever had a battery that died, you know how critical it is to have them checked before anything happens. Most service schedules include checking the life of your battery. Our dealership can check that for you quickly.

Battery Offers

Wheel Alignments

A poor alignment can cause tread issues on your tires. If the wheel alignment is bad enough, it can even make driving your vehicle dangerous. Have it checked at your regularly scheduled service appointment.

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